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Where in the World are your dollars going. We are experiencing a melting point in the madness of all that is now possible for us to purchase. Where to from here. Wake Up the dollar a a HONOUR THE DOLLAR What happens when you honour what you purchase. Is there a degree of madness with what you purchase? What do you need that for? a PURPOSE + DOLLARS Direction with your dollars + alignment with a greater purpose. The dollars in your pockets + the connection to value, to purpose. We are with great decisions in front of us.
Dollars + Connection

The understanding that, as you purchase, you give power to what it is, where it's from, who created that.


The connection of your dollars to power you trust. This is what matters, now.

Where do you connect your dollars. What value do you give to your dollars. Why does it matter?


This work will
call on trust, with yourself. That your dollars matter; where you contribute; you trust.